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Jobe: The Musical
September 18-21, 2014


Welcome to Milton Wright's take on the Book of Job, with an original soundtrack in the style of '70s Soul. This premiere musical takes place in the proverbial Our Town of Overtown. The minister Anna Bell Thompson of the First Born, New Born, Non-Denominational, Totally Inspirational, Functionally Congregational Church of Overtown is preaching a sermon. She tells the story of a man named Jobe Johnson (played by Toussaint Liberator) who, with his family, undergoes a Job experience. The play is full of breathtaking music and humane wisdom, and features Milton Wright's sister, The Legendary Betty Wright, traveling from Miami to Boston to act and sing the role of Reverend Thompson. (Photo of "Jobe Johnson and His Children" by Kavayah Wright.)