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Identity Crisis, November 21 - December 7

Hold on...the next one by Visiting Playwright Peter Snoad is a comedy!  It's a phenomenon no one wants to talk about: White people are turning Black.  On the eve of his wedding Alan learns it's about to happen to him.  And he's freaked -- not least because prospective father-in-law Max would never allow his daughter to marry an African American.  Alan's solution?  Persaude his identical twin brother David, who is gay, to impersonate his at the ceremony, and his best man Frankie to go along with the deception.  Directed by the ingenius Jackie Davis, Identity Crisis is a must-see!  Pictured from left to right: Richard Caines (Frankie White), David Josef Hansen (both Alan and David Guthrie), Sochi Fried (Marcia Silverstein), and Sheree Galpert (Sylvia Silverstein).